Train to Run

Train to Run

Tips for 5K Run

A 5K (3.1 miles) can sound daunting, especially for a beginner runner, but you have plenty of time to train so that you are ready and confident for the DCC 5K. If you’ve already registered for DCC, you now have great incentive to plan a training regimen, get fit, meet like-minded cancer fighters, and garner support from your family, friends, and colleagues.
Regardless of your fitness level, here is an example of a simplified training program that will put you on track to successfully tackle the 5K:

Day 1: Your fast, high-effort day. Walk or run a short distance at a fast pace. Start with 1/4 mile and slowly add distance until you cover a mile at a fast pace.
Day 2: Your moderate-intensity day, during which you walk or run at a moderate pace. Start with one mile and gradually work up to the full 5K (3.1 miles) at a moderate pace.
Day 3: Your long, slow day, during which you build endurance and get your muscles accustomed to exercising for a longer time. Try to start at 2 miles and gradually work up to 3-4 miles.
Day 4: Your day of rest – you earned it!

Be sure to warm up your muscles before your workout to decrease your risk of injury and to stretch after each training session.

Invite your family members, friends and colleagues to train with you and motivate one another!

For event day, make sure you have comfortable running shoes, sweat-wicking workout clothes and socks, and get a good night’s sleep. Most importantly, have fun and be proud of your commitment to supporting life-saving cancer research right here in South Florida!